For Egypt Minister of State for Antiquities

Bassam El Shammaa holds a B.Sc. from Helwan University, Cairo, where he studied Ancient Egyptian pharaonic, Greco – Roman, Islamic History and Hieroglyphic Scripts. El Shammaa is a graduate of Victoria College in Alexandria, Egypt.

El Shammaa is the most popular and famous Egyptologist in Egypt. He has lectured about the Egyptian history in many countries.  In his most recent visit to the United States he lectured at places including themet-ropolitan Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Museum of Man, and University of Chicago. In England he lectured at the British Museum, and in South Africa at the University of Pretoria.

Since graduation in 1983 El Shammaa has worked as a freelance guide with various tourist agencies. He was featured in many TV documentaries on PBS, BBC, and National Geographic. He currently has his own Television and Radio shows on the domestic as well as the international Egyptian Broadcasting Service channels.

Bassam El Shammaa has written more than 50 books on Egypt for adults and children. El Shammaa holds many awards from the most respected and known worldwide institutes and organizations.